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Minnesota is a wonderful place to raise adopted children with special needs. Whether you need a daycare solution, a medical care solution, or specific home improvements, feel free to turn to these five local resources for assistance:

1. PACER Center

Many PACER staff members are parents to disabled children, so they know exactly what it takes to care for a child with special needs. PACER can assist you in finding special education programs suited to your child’s specific needs.

2. St. David’s Center

St. David’s Center specializes in early childhood education, mental health, and pediatric therapy for children with special needs. The center also offers music therapy services, which have been proven to contribute to positive physical and mental health outcomes.

3. Fraser

With six locations scattered throughout the Twins Cities, Fraser has become a leader in autism services and special needs education. Speech and occupational therapies are just a few of the many services offered at Fraser.

4. Minnesota Hands and Voices

An acclaimed program offered through Lifetrack, Minnesota Hands and Voices provides a variety of services for children who suffer from hearing loss. Minnesota Hands and Voices can help you learn sign language and help your child interact with other hearing-impaired children.

5. Family Support Grant

The Minnesota Department of Human Services offers a Family Support Grant, which can be used to make important improvements to your home. These improvements will make life easier for your special needs child, who may otherwise struggle to make it up or down stairs.

To learn more about the adoption process as it relates to special needs children in Minnesota, reach out to the law firm of Barna, Guzy & Steffen, Ltd. at your earliest convenience.