Podcast: Two Years of Litigation In Ten Minutes: Overview Of The Contested Divorce Process in Minnesota

The latest installment of The Family Law Show is ready for your inspection: “Two Years of Litigation in Ten Minutes.” We provide a brief overview of how divorce cases are litigated.

The vast majority of the cases we handle settle short of trial. But, even in those situations, the litigants should understand how the process unfolds.

Topics addressed in this podcast include the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce, the initial case workup, service of the summons and petition, temporary motions, mediation, pre-trial conferences, discovery, experts, trials and appeals.

Run Time: 10:52


Podcast: Four Ways To The End: Pathways To Concluding A Divorce

In this episode of The Family Law Show, Jason Brown outlines the four ways in which the Court may conclude a divorce in Minnesota.

Whether your case is contested, uncontested, settled, or requires a trial, certain procedural requirements must be met in order for the Court to execute a divorce decree.

Topics addressed in this pocast include include pure default hearings, default hearings by agreement, in-chambers review and matters addressed by the Court following a trial.

Run Time: 14:01