What’s the Difference Between Physical and Legal Custody in Minnesota?

The phrase “custody” is used to describe the obligations, and rights, of parents regarding the care of their children. Child custody issues come about when an unmarried couple has a child together, or when married parents get a divorce. The two types of child custody in Minnesota are physical custody and legal custody. Legal custody involves a parent being able to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing and well-being (religion, … Read More

Forced Parenting Time Results In Assault Against Dad: A No-Win Situation

Janet Langjahr, a divorce and family lawyer who authors the Florida Divorce Law Blog recently cited an article in the Northwest Florida Daily News about a 12-year-old girl arrested for assaulting her father. The cause of her anger? Dad was trying to force her to be with him during court ordered parenting time. Not sure who was in the wrong...dad for forcing or daughter for striking. I represent a client with similar issues. The kids are angry … Read More

What Are The Common Parenting Time Schedules? How Is Child Support Affected By Them?

In recent years, Minnesota's child support statutes have shifted from a "label-based" model to a "parenting schedule" based model. It used to be that child support was calculated based upon the type of custody (whether joint physical or sole physical) arrangement the parties were awarded by the court. New emphasis has been placed on the actual amount of parenting time that has been awarded, as opposed to mere labels. For that reason, the … Read More

Birthday Party Or Bridesmaid? A Judge Named Whipple Squeezes Dad

Eric Solotoff, a certified matrimonial lawyer based in Roseland, New Jersey, recently featured an article from the Daily Record surrounding a post-decree parenting time dispute between a mother and father. Here's how ugly (and downright silly) things can get sometimes: Ruling against a divorced father's wish that his daughter help him celebrate his birthday, a judge in Morristown Thursday said the child should have the rare chance to spend that … Read More