Gambling, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Use, Cheating & Dissipating: Fault In A No-Fault Divorce State

The lawyers with Thyden, Gross & Callahan, LLP, authors of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier, recently published an article entitled "Putting the Fault Back into No-Fault Divorce." They point out that despite the fact that several states on the east coast have moved (like Minnesota in the 1970's) to "no-fault" divorce, fault still creeps into the mix. The same is true in Minnesota. While easy to simply utter "we're a no-fault state," we're … Read More

The Concept Of No-Fault Divorce

Minnesota is a no-fault divorce state. A divorce will be granted in Minnesota without the necessity of proving that one of the parties is guilty of marital misconduct. In earlier times, a party to a divorce was required to demonstrate that the other spouse was at fault for causing a breakdown in the marriage. Adultory was by far the most common basis, but others included domestic abuse, abandonment and an inability to consumate the … Read More