Podcast: Valuation & Division of Assets & Liabilities In Divorce

In this edition of The Family Law Show we summarize how judges value and allocate assets and debts as parties dissolve their marriage. Every case, regardless of the age, income or educational level of the litigants, will involve an analysis of the relevant property interests of the couple - even if they've only been married for a short time. Topics discussed in this podcastinclude the concealing of assets, tools for uncovering assets, the … Read More

Minnesota Divorce: Asset & Debt Division Summary

Minnesota law categorizes property as marital or non-marital. Marital property is usually divided equally while non-marital property is allocated entirely to the party who maintains the non-marital interest. Non-marital property involves the interest a party has in property accumulated prior to a marriage or property received as a gift or inheritence by one spouse, individually, during a marriage. Marital property involves any property that … Read More

Jackpot by Josh! Idaho Lottery Winner’s Estranged Husband To Recoup 40 Million Bucks

Holly Laiti has yet to speak publicly, but sources indicate that the 29 year old Idaho resident is the second winner in the second-largest mega-millions jackpot in its history. One interesting twist? Her estranged husband has been arrested nearly a dozen times, and convicted of offenses such as domestic assault, drug possession and providing alcohol to a minor. That's not where the story ends. "Estranged" is not a legally operative term. … Read More

How Does Title Impact Property Division?

One of the more common questions we face from a potential client involves title to property- whether a car, boat, house, ATV, business, bank account or otherwise. They ask, "My spouse says that because my [insert the property interest] is not titled in my name, I am not entitled to any of it. Is that true?" One highly unique aspect of family practice is the fact that the litigants, unlike basically all other lawsuits, often continue to speak … Read More