How Much Will A Divorce Cost Me?

We have the responsibility to tell every potential client that we “aren't sure.”'s that for building credibility with someone who wants to entrust their life with you for a bit? The truth is that we really don't know how much a divorce is going to cost in the end. An attorney who tells you they do probably isn't being up front with you. A host of issues beyond our control play a part in every case. Much depends on what county your … Read More

Can I Recover Attorney Fees & Costs During Divorce?

There are two ways for litigants recover attorney's fees from the other party in a Minnesota divorce. The first involves need-based fees. The second involves fees awarded because of inappropriate behavior ("bad-faith conduct") on the part of the other party. For a fee request based on need, the court is required to award fees and costs in order to enable a party to carry on or contest the dissolution if it finds that the fees are necessary for … Read More