Minnesota Court Of Appeals Family Mediation FAQ’s

Yesterday, we mentioned the new pilot family law mediation program at the Court of Appeals. Direct from the source, here are the answers to common questions received by the Minnesota Court of Appeals concerning appellate mediation in divorce and family cases. Thought this information would be helpful for any family litigant contemplating mediation, whether because of an appeal or a district court action. What is Mediation? Mediation is a … Read More

Pilot Mediation Program: Minnesota Court Of Appeals Reporting 52% Settlement Rate

The pilot family mediation project of the Minnesota Court of Appeals appears headed toward becoming a permanent component of the appellate process in Minnesota. Two years ago, the Court of Appeals began experimenting with voluntary participation in mediation immediately following the filing of an appeal. Most, including myself, were skeptical. Mediation has traditionally involved negotiation prior to trial, not after. Trial typically leaves … Read More

Minnesota Court Of Appeals Implements Mandatory Family Mediation Program

As of September 2, 2008, the Minnesota Court of Appeals will refer all family court appeals for mandatory mediation (with some exceptions for cases involving, for example, domestic violence). The program was designed to decrease costs and conflict for families involved in appellate cases while increasing litigant satisfaction. Upon the filing of a Notice of Appeal, the Court will immediately refer litigants to mediation. Mediators available to … Read More