Podcast: Prenuptial Agreements & Postnuptial Agreements: Purpose, Content & Enforceability In Minnesota

In this edition of The Family Law Show, Jason Brown summarizes the law, purpose and contents of nuptials- whether pre, ante, or post. The law in Minnesota is clear: nuptials must be both procedurally and substantively fair in order to be enforceable. But what does that mean? Topics addressed in this podcast include: typical clients who seek nuptials, the difference between a prenuptial agreement (or antenuptial agreement) and a postnuptial … Read More

Prenuptials Right For Me? Recession (And Perhaps Tiger) Changing The Mindset

We were browsing the California Divorce Blawg yesterday and fellow family blogger John E. Harding highlighted a recent article by Laura Petrecca in USA Today on prenuptial agreements. At least once a week our firm is contacted by a soon-to-be bride or groom, who have taken time away from cake, dress and music selections to ask that age-old question: what if? Here's what Petrecca reports: Specific data about the often-complex contracts … Read More

Prenuptial Agreements In Minnesota

Minnesota law recognizes the right of the parties to a marriage to rewrite the laws concerning marital dissolution and, instead, contract concerning their rights and obligations should their marriage fail. This can be done in one of two ways.  If the parties wish to enter into an agreement prior to their marriage, they will execute a prenuptial agreement.  If the parties wish to enter into such an agreement after the date of marriage, they will … Read More