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May 19, 2016

The Art of Forensic Accounting During Divorce

During a high net worth divorce, or when a couple has complex finances that need to be divided, a forensic accountant assesses the value of marital assets and debts to prepare to divide property. The accountant’s work and testimony can be used in court to ensure an equitable outcome.

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Brown Law Office
March 3, 2016

Locating Hidden Assets During Your Minnesota Divorce

You made a painful decision to end your marriage after months of therapy and emotional conversations. You’re coming to terms, emotionally, with the idea of separating, and now you need to split up your assets and debts. How can you ensure this process...

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Brown Law Office
December 9, 2015

7 Ways to Use Journaling to Aid in Your Minnesota Divorce Case

Think back to your childhood. You probably fondly remember curling up with your journal and pouring out your heart onto the pages. Now that you’re an adult, and you’re going through a divorce, you can use journaling in an entirely different but also constructive way. In addition to documenting the facts of your divorce, use the opportunity to vent your feelings, hopes, fears and dreams in a safe and private space.  

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Brown Law Office
May 24, 2011

The Four Phases Of A Contested Divorce In Minnesota

About half the cases we handle are more contested divorces. These are marital dissolution cases in which the litigants don’t expect to reach agreement early and, instead, need the intervention of the court system in order to...

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