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June 9, 2016

Four Inspiring Adoption Stories

There aren't many "nice things" that happen in courthouses. Adoption is the exception, and comes in all shapes and sizes. Four recent adoption stories caught our attention. Helping create families through adoption is one of the most rewarding parts of our practice. We hope you enjoy.

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Brown Law Office
March 1, 2016

Myths vs. Realities of Step-Parent Adoption in Minnesota

As a proud step-parent, you care dearly for your spouse’s children, and your relationship with them is likely rich, enduring and full of love. Whether you recently married into the family, or you’ve been functioning as a family unit for over a...

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Brown Law Office
November 24, 2015

Five Misconceptions About How Adoption Works in Minnesota

The possibility of expanding your family through adoption is exciting, scary, joyful and confusing all at once. When people imagine adopting a young baby or older child, though, they sometimes labor under mistaken ideas about what is actually involved and how adoption works in Minnesota. We wanted to set the record straight.

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Brown Law Office
October 17, 2015

Minnesota's Step-Parent Adoption Laws Summarized by Jason Brown

In this video segment, family law attorney Jason Brown provides a video summary of the law, and process, of step parent adoption in Minnesota. Assuming the biological father is willing to terminate his rights voluntarily, matters will likely move through the court system rather smoothly.

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